About us

imagesPrincipal Investigator:
Prof Adam Ledgeway

Research Associates:
Dr Norma Schifano
Dr Giuseppina Silvestri


The Project’s Steering Committee:

Dr Delia Bentley, Senior Lecturer in Italian Language and Linguistics, University of Manchester
Professor Roberta D’Alessandro, Chair of Italian Language and Culture, University of Leiden
Professor Geoffrey Horrocks, Professor of Comparative Philology, University of Cambridge
Professor Mark Janse, Professor of Asia Minor and Ancient Greek, Ghent University
Professor Brian Joseph, Professor of Linguistics, Ohio State University
Professor Giuseppe Longobardi, Professor of Linguistics, University of York
Professor Cecilia Poletto, Professor of French and Italian Linguistics, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt-am-Main
Professor Angela Ralli, Professor of General Linguistics and Director of the Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects, University of Patras

Our Language Consultant:
Ms M. Olimpia Squillaci, PhD Candidate in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge 



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