After a period of literature review and preparation of the data retrieval process, our research questions will be addressed through extensive fieldwork in loco from January to July 2016.
This will be carried out in a number of localities, through face-to-face interviews with native dialect speakers, involving a questionnaire and the recording of an authentic sample speech (e.g. short-story, poem, nursery rhyme).
The points of investigation will include 13 Italo-Greek-speaking localities (7 in Salento and 5 in Calabria), as well as the Greko diaspora in Reggio Calabria, and a number of  Romance-speaking localities distributed throughout Salento and Calabria.

From January to April 2016 we conducted our interviews in about 35 localities from northern to southern Salento. 

fieldwork in Salento finished

May to July 2016 we conducted our in-loco interviews in the Aspromonte area and surroundings (province of Reggio Calabria). 

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